Wiser - A PHP IRC Bot


Wiser is an IRC Robot (Bot) I wrote several years ago using the PHP scripting language. I wrote the bot as a interesting personal project to try and test the abilities of PHP. As the bot developed, it became pretty useful and we started using it as the channel bot in #php on DAL.net. A few people who frequent the channel would often help with ideas for the bot, and most importantly bug testing. Other's who would drop by occasionally for help would sometimes be interested and want a copy. Eventually, I tried setting up a website for it and packaging it for release.

Now days, PHP is a fairly complete language and something such as this is no sweat, but at the time it was a little more of an accomplishment. Wiser originally began back in about 2003 as an offshoot of an older script I wrote named phpB, which I created starting around 2000. At that time, PHP's socket support was pretty limited, as was it's object support and ability to do multi-process. These limitations lead to either having to drop features, or create some interesting hacks to work-around lack of a feature.

These days, I've stopped development for this script (for now at least), but it's still available for anyone who would like to use it or possibly pick up development. I've instead started another project which I call WiserJS. WiserJS is an IRC Bot written in C, which embeds SpiderMonkey to allow scripting in Javascript. I've started this as little project to enhance my C skills, and learn how to use SpiderMonkey.

If your interested in Wiser, you can still download the source below. If you'd like to pick up development, please feel free to do so. If you have an questions regarding the coding, setup, or anything else drop me an email and I will try to help out as best as I can.

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