Windows 7 and The Oregon Trail 5th Edition

I recently attempted installing a copy of The Oregon Trail 5th Edition that I had purchased a while back for me niece. The initial installation went ok but upon launch the game I was greeted with the following lovely error message:

Oregon Trail 5 cannot locate "Oregon5.Dat". Make sure the Oregon Trail 5 CD is in the CD-ROM drive.

Naturally, I tried as the error suggested and put the CD back in and tried again. Unfortunately, the error was still there. After a couple of minutes snooping around the installation directory, I found the way to fix this problem, and here it is for anyone else that may be encountering it.

  1. Open Notepad as an administrator.

    1. Open the start menu and type notepad
    2. Right-click the notepad shortcut and select Run as Administrator. Alternatively you can press Control+Shift+Enter to run the program as an administrator.
      Run notepad as administrator.
  2. Open the OREGON5.INI file

    1. Click File -> Open in notepad to open a file
    2. Type in or browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\The Learning Company\Oregon Trail 5 (the installation directory for The Oregon Trail)
    3. Type in OREGON5.INI or select it from the list. You may need change the file filter to All Files to see it.
      Open OREGON5.INI
  3. Locate the following line in the OREGON5.INI file

    rsrcpath=C:\Program Files\The Learning Company\Oregon Trail 5
  4. Modify the line to point to the proper installation directory by changing Program Files to Program Files (x86).

    rsrcpath=C:\Program Files (x86)\The Learning Company\Oregon Trail 5
  5. Save the file and close notepad.

The game should start up successfully now. Happy Travels!

Update: These steps also work for Windows 10.

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